FAQ services

What do you mean by "services"?

Photography assignments of any kind, for example event / portrait / merchandise photography.

How can I apply for these services?

Fill out the following form: Application - Service Event Photography

How does this all work?

You roughly describe your assignment, we then look for a suitable photographer. You meet with the photographer to discuss the assignment in detail: What kind of photos you need, for what purpose, how long the photographer has to be on site, how the photos are published, etc. For this, a form provided by the FotoKommission will be filled out.

After the event, the photos will be edited and reviewed by us. If the quality of the post-processing is good, you get the photos. Typically within a week. Last but not least, you will be asked to fill out our feedback form, so that we can continuously guarantee a high quality service.

Why does this cost money?

From our point of view, this service only makes sense, if we can deliver high quality photos. If quality doesn't matter to you, you can take pictures yourself with a smartphone.

In order to be able to offer a high quality, a lot of effort is needed. A photographer is not only busy during the 3 hours of the event, but he also has to prepare himself beforehand. After the event, he has to edit the photos, which typically takes the same amount of time as the event itself. He also has to be trained and the equipment itself is not free.

It's our goal to make enough money to be able to pay our photographers 25-35.-/hour, depending on experience.

However, you can also apply for an event where you have no budget for a photographer.