Courses by the FotoKommission

Currently, we offer three courses and several modules.

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The courses build on one another, but can also be attended independently. The focus of our courses lies on the technical side. We won't explain to you "how to take beautiful photos", but we'll provide you the tools to find your own style.

Every course includes a practical part and a joint discussion of the photos taken for the course. Also, you can have your favourite photo printed out after the course. If you don't have your own camera, you can borrow one from us to participate in the course (availability is limited).


The modules focus on a specific aspect and are therefore sometimes more creative than our courses. They are less technically focused, since we assume that the basics are in place.

While our courses and modules are cheap compared to other commercial photography courses, we don't want to exclude anyone for financial reasons. Contact us if the course fees are too high for your financial situation.

Course overview

A short overview, more details can be found on the course website.

Niveau I: Grundlagen der Fotografie (2 x 2h, 10.-)

In this course you will learn to operate your camera manually. This is important for a good foundation:

  • exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • angle / focal length

(This may not sound like a lot, but we'll go quite into details.) If you can not "blindly" and quickly manually operate your camera, we recommend this course to you.

Niveau II: Digitale Fotografie (2 x 2h, 20.-)

Digital photography has many advantages, but also one big disadvantage: it is quite technical. This course is all about the workflow in digital photography, from A-Z:

  • image idea
  • composition / Lighting
  • automatic camera functions
  • RAW / dynamic range
  • selection and postprocessing on the computer
  • additional points (by interest)

The focus remains on the technical side.

Level III: Event photography (2 x 3h + 1 x 4h, 70.-)

The FotoKommission wants to use good event photographers for VSETH and its events. That of course means that we have to train them. By visiting this course, you'll be able cover events as a photographer. The course consists in visiting an event of the VSETH to gain experience on the field. The theoretical part, however, revolves around administrative issues, which are an important part of professional photography.

  • the client
  • photo rights
  • typical photos and settings
  • Equipment
  • behaviour at the event
  • efficient selection and post-processing
  • delivery of the photos

Module overview

In the first part of each module, we work out the theory, then you'll have a week to try out what you have learned. In the second part we discuss the results. The modules each last 4 hours and cost 30.-.


The composition describes how a picture is structured on an abstract level. We look at photos submitted by the participants and find out why these photos are "beautiful". We develop a few rules of thumb, try them out and discuss our results.

Portrait photogaphy / Available Light photography

We'll talk about to things: how to take "nice" portraits, and how to best use the available light.

Photo printing

Gemeinsam bereiten wir ein Foto optimal für den Print vor, und drucken es auf unserem professionellen Foto Drucker. Am zweiten Kurstag ziehen wir das Foto auf eine MDF-Platte, somit kanst du das Foto anschliessend zuhause aufhängen. Foto im Format A4 ist inbegriffen, A2 gegen Aufpreis von 10.- .


Together, we'll look at "well" edited photos and find out the differences to the rough version. Then we'll edit some pictures together until they're "pretty".


Artificial light, i.e. flashes and light shapers, offer an unbelievable number of creative possibilities. We focus on off-camera flash.


The technical hurdle to make good video recordings is pretty big. We develop the technical basics and get to know various aids such as variable ND filters or gimbals. We also discuss efficient recording planning and film editing.


Photography can be used to make money. If this is of your interest, you'll learn the most important information to create a business in this module.


Dieser Kurs widmet sich der Astrofotografie mit DSLR Kameras von einer sowohl technischen als auch praktischen Seite. Im ersten Teil werden grundlegende Begriffe der Astronomie eingeführt. Im zweiten Abschnitt lernen die Teilnehmer wie man mit Weitwinkelobjektiven traumhafte Bilder vom Firmament erhält und verschlafene Landschaften unter dem Sternenhimmel fotografieren kann. Im letzten Abschnitt wird auch die Deep-Sky Fotografie (Galaxien etc.) näher beleutet.


In this course the participants will gain hands-on experience in creating food photos. In the first part of the course food will be photographed while elaborating different styling, lighting and compositional methods. In the second part of the course we will create and play around with food action shots. Furthermore, the submitted images will be discussed.