Course documents / Hand-in

Our course documents are freely available: course folder.

If you want to submit photos for a course (deadline is about 24 hours before the second part of the course), please choose the corresponding link (Drag & Drop in the corresponding window works):

Course I: Basics of Photography
Course II: Digital Photography
Course III: Event Photography

Module I: Composition
Module I: Portraiture
Module I: Print

Module II: Editing
Module II: Lighting
Module II: Video
Module II: Analog

Modul III: Food
Modul III: Astrofotografie

Name the photos with your name, for example "Frida_1.jpg". If you name a picture "[Name]_print", the instructor will print this one out for you. If you don't choose one, the instructor will choose one of his choice.

jpeg is a good final format. So when it comes to printing or showing photos, jpeg is the first choice. However, if the photo is still to be edited (possibly in Module II: Editing), a RAW format is more suitable. A resolution of 2000 × 3000 is sufficient for printing, but you can also submit the full resolution.

Photos created by the FotoKommission (portraits, event photography, etc.) can be found in our archive.